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Show No Mercy (1983)

Evil Has No Boundaries Blasting our way through the boundaries of Hell No one can stop us tonight We take on the world with hatred inside Mayhem the reason we fight Surviving...

Haunting The Chapel (1984)

Chemical Warfare Frantic minds are terrified Life lies in a grave Silent death rides high above On the wings of revelation Multi death from chemicals Arrogance has won Annihilation must be swift Destroy without destruction Gods...

Hell Awaits (1985)

Hell Awaits Existing on damnation's edge The priest had never known To witness such a violent show Of power overthrown Angels fighting aimlessly Still dying by the sword Our legions killing all in sight To...

Reign In Blood (1986)

 Angel Of Death Auschwitz, the meaning of pain The way that I want you to die Slow death, immense decay Showers that cleanse you of your life Forced in Like cattle You run Stripped...

South Of Heaven (1988)

South Of Heaven An unforseen future nestled somewhere in time. Unsuspecting victims no warnings, no signs. Judgment day the second coming arrives. Before you see the light you must die. Forgotten children,...

Seasons In The Abyss (1990)

 1. War Ensemble Propaganda death ensemble Burial to be Corpses rotting through the night In blood laced misery Scorched earth the policy The reason for the siege The pendulum it shaves the blade The strafing...

Divine Intervention (1994)

 1. Killing Fields You know the feeling When adrenaline takes control Can't beat the rush That leaves a suicidal hold Instinct spares no one Destroying the human heart The taste of blood Can rip your...

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