• 1971
  • Where do You live? Canada
  • 1986
  • Describe the crucial experience since you knew you could not live without the music of Slayer. I was introduced to SLAYER by an old friend. I was at first just blown away by the brutality if it all but I quickly fell in love with them and have never looked back! I have seen them in many different parts of my country and actually don’t remember a couple of times seeing them but each I came home with a new found respect for them and loved them even more! So much so I had to have them tattooed on my skin! SLAYER will always be my favourite without question!
  • Any special moments with You and the band You want to share with the community?
    Unfortunately I have missed the opportunity to meet them a few times! Financial obligations and bad timing but watching Tom stop a show because a guy was gonna get thrown out! Plus Tom at the final show pointing out a guy indirectly about how brutal this one guy was in the pit and that it will come back and bite him. He got tossed later on!