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The first time i heard from Slayer was in 1985. A friend of mine named ‘Bobbel’ who was a couple of years older visited their first gig in europe (Belgium) in 1985. After the show he gave the ‘Hell Awaits’ LP to me and told me that i HAVE TO listen to it, because they were so awesome in their live show. At this time (13 years old) we looked up to him, because he was older and such a rough metal guy- so i did what i was told to do 😉

Beforehand i listened to bands like Deep Purple, Accept and Iron Maiden but the sound of Hell Awaits changed my view immediately.
After that it took another 2 years to see them live after their release of ‘Reign in Blood’. I remember as if it was yesterday: the crowd was completely going nuts at the show in Offenbach/ Germany. I was impressed by the support act ‘Malice’ because it was my first metal concert at the age of 15… But after Tom, Kerry, Jeff and Dave entered the stage to headline the show things changed completely. They blew the audience away and everyone went absolutely grazy. I didn´t dare to go to the front of stage these days but even in the 20th row You could see the stage clearly because everybody was bowed and headbanging.
What an awesome first experience!!

At this day i decided to see them as often as i can. Until now i visited their shows 86 times in Europe and this year (2018) was the first time to see Slayer in the US on their farewell tour in Bristow, VA and Virginia Beach with Meet&Greet and sidestage access- another overwhelming experience!

2018 VA Beach
2018 VA Beach

Since the age of 15 Slayer was there for me. It is safe to assume that slayer has influenced a whole lot of peoples lifes (including mine)- it is something like the central theme of the life of thousands of people- independent from their race, culture or economic status. i talked to many of them and as i know from personal experience, slayer and their music was always there for us- regardless if someone was having good or bad life circumstances.

Any special moments with You and the band You want to share with the community? 

After several concerts since 1987 i wanted to meet Slayer in person. In 1991, i think it was the ‘Seasons’ tour, a friend of mine and i visited their show in Munich. After the show we stayed at the venue and waited for them. They came out and we talked to each other but they had to leave to the next city. We followed the tour bus to Bremen (about 750km / 470 mi), had some drinks in front of their hotel and took photos.

1991 in Bremen

On their ‘Diabolus’ tour in 1998 i met them after 2 of the shows to have some smalltalk, took some pictures and let them sign a lot of collectibles 😉
Jeff Hannemann

In 2003 i took an interview with Kerry for a magazine at the ‘With full force’ festival.

Kerry King
2003 With Full Force

On their ‘God hates us all’ tour we met at the hotel in cologne because i stayed their, too. Tom put me on their guest list for the upcoming gig.

Tom ArayaKerry King

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